Beaver (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Beaver (zodiac)

Beaver: Apr 20 - May 20

The Native American Beaver is a Hard Worker

Control, adaptability and determination are the hallmarks of the Beaver. Serious, most of the time, the Beaver is a hard worker who won’t quit until the job is correctly done.

The Beaver is Persistent

The Beaver will not give up on a task without seeing it through in the most efficient manner. A master at planning the Beaver can overcome fantastic odds with his/her cunning.

Cunning is the Hallmark of the Beaver

Gifted with superior wits and cunning the Beaver is a formidable opponent in business and arguments. On the down side, the take charge attitude of the Beaver can lead to head butting and posturing when dealing with others. Beavers are usually correct in their convictions but need to be mindful of the feelings of mates and friends when discussing serious issues.

The Beaver in Good Times


In a positive or loving environment the Beaver can be the most understanding and loyal of friends.


They share generously with those they love and make a good soul mate.

The Beaver in Bad Times


When the Beaver loses control of his/her plans or situation the atmosphere around them becomes charged with rancor.


Nervously, they will do anything to regain mastery.