Bear (zodiac)

 Lynn Atchison Beech
Bear (zodiac)

Bear: Aug 22 - Sep 21

The Native American Bear Sign is Practical

The Bear is a very practical animal that takes its time when there are things to be done. Don’t be fooled by the Bear’s methodical nature. Attention to detail requires the utmost care and patience. This the Bear does with a steady reliance.

The Bear Sign is Levelheaded

The Bear’s reasoning abilities makes him/her a good business person especially when the going get difficult. They are the epitome of levelheadedness. Usually the voice of reason in most scenarios, the Bear is a good compliment for Owls.

Sharing is a Quality of the Native American Bear Sign

The Bear has a heart of gold and shares freely with those in its circle of influence. But, the shyness and humility of the Bear often hide these qualities of caring. Often miss judged, the Bear learns to live with an inner peace that passes beyond our understanding.

The Bear in Good Times


In a positive environment this Native American animal symbol gives love and generosity in great measure.


The Bear has a full measure of patience and temperance, which makes him/her a good teacher & mentor.

The Bear in Bad Times


When alone too much or in a negative environment the Bear can become bitter and reclusive.


In this state of affairs the Bear’s vision narrows and generosity is replaced with a self-centered laziness.