Balance, Harmony, Perfection

 Courtney Emerson
Balance, Harmony, Perfection

Balance, Harmony, Perfection is the symbol of a belief. it is a symbol seen in dreams, and in the minds of all people who seek Balance, Harmony, Perfection in all things.

It is a call to your subconscious telling you that it is your duty to clean up the problems you see. Any issue that you have been dwelling on, or that impedes your ability to live your life in your own way.

It is tell you to go back to nature, and disconnect from the modern world. It is telling you to get back to your roots. It is telling you to rise up against whatever it is that stands in the way of your freedom.

This symbol Signifies TRUE FREEDOM, and the balance harmony and perfection that comes from being one with the world around you, and symbolizes the opening of your pineal gland.