Aston Martin Symbol

 Courtney Emerson
Aston Martin Symbol

The history of the Aston Martin logo is actually unclear. The emblem is currently composed by a pair of white wings, outlined by a black line, with the words “Aston Martin” in white over a green rectangle on top of the wings. In the logo, the rectangle is in plain white, instead of green, and the words “Aston Martin” are repeated and placed underneath the drawing. However, it hasn’t always been that way since the company was formed.

Indeed, there have been quite a few different symbols that represented the British car brand over the decades, since it opened in 1916. The first one, created in 1920, was basically a merging of the letters ‘A’ and ‘M’ in black, surrounded by a black double-line circle. In 1932, Aston Martin’s symbol was completely reformulated, now consisting on the brand’s name written over a pair of wings that were inspired by Bentley’s and meant to suggest speed. The drawing is in black over white.

A few years later, the 1932 symbol was somewhat redesigned in order to keep up with contemporary tastes but the drawing’s elements remained the same. In 1947, after David Brown took over the automaker, the logo was improved yet again and now included the name “David Brown” above the words “Aston Martin”, which were now sustained by a black rectangle. The wings remained as the symbol’s background. The “David Brown” name would be removed in the 1970’s when the company was no longer on this sir’s hands.