Jesse Brauner

Like many gemstones, the aquamarine possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.

Aquamarines are composed of a material known as beryl, which is colorless in its purest form but can take on many different shades depending on the mineral content of particular stones. In the case of aquamarines, color can vary from pale sky blue to deep bright blue and can even include tints of green, depending on the presence of varying amounts of iron.

Regardless of shade variations, both the name and color of this gemstone are clear indicators of its symbolic meaning; The word “aquamarine” translates as ‘water of the sea’, which may sound a little redundant but offers a big dose of symbolic insight; The sea has always been the natural phenomenon most strongly connected with these beautiful stones. Also known as the “sailor’s gem”, the bright blue color of aquamarines have long made them a favorite talisman for ensuring a safe journey across the ocean waves. The ancient Romans also associated aquamarines with a more mundane maritime activity; fisherman would carry the gems in the hope that it would help them to net a bigger catch.

Aquamarines are also the traditional birthstone for the month of March.