Air Force Longevity Service Award

 Ivry Ben Efraim
Air Force Longevity Service Award

The Air Force Longevity Service Award is a military award of the United States Air Force established by Air Force General Order 60, on 25 November 1957 by General Thomas D. White, Air Force Chief of Staff.

The award was primarily created as an Air Force equivalent to the service stripes used by other branches of the United States military to denote years of military service. The award is retroactive to the establishment of the Air Force in September 1947. The ribbon is also retroactive for any service with the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Army Air Corps, or U.S. Army Air Service prior to the creation of the U.S. Air Force as a separate service as long as the serviceman was on Active Duty on or after 18 September 1947.

The Air Force Longevity Service Award is a ribbon only award. It is ultramarine blue divided by four equal stripes of turquoise. Oak leaf clusters are worn on the ribbon to indicate subsequent awards of the Air Force Longevity Service Award.