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Frog Face (Apple iOS 12.2)
Dragon Face (Apple iOS 12.2)
The International Flag of Planet Earth
The International flag of Planet earth is a common flag to be used by expeditors of outer space who represent the earth, regardless of their country of origin.
Octopus (Apple iOS 12.2)
Butterfly (Apple iOS 12.2)
Spider (Apple iOS 12.2)
Spider Web
Shri Yantra\Sri Yantra
The Shri Yantra or Sri Yantra is a Hindu symbol that represents good wealth and prosperity. It is believed that placing the Sri Yantra in the right place at the right time can bring positivity in the…
VGA port
VGA (Video Graphics Array) port
Emblem of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists
The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was an Ukrainian-nationalist political organization established in 1929 in Vienna.
Salt (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Birthday Cake (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Emblem of the first Galactic Empire
The First Galactic Empire is a fictional autocracy featured in the Star Wars franchise. It was first introduced in the 1977 film Star Wars and also appears in its two sequels: The Empire Strikes Back…
Portuguese Football Federation
The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) GOIH ComB (Portuguese: Federação Portuguesa de Futebol [fɨdɨɾɐsˈɐ̃w poɾtuɡwˈezɐ dɨ futɨbˈɔɫ]) is the governing body of football in Portugal.
Candy (Docomo 2013)
Candy (au by KDDI Type F)
Tripundra, believed to be a spiritual symbol in the tradition of Lord Shiva, consists of three horizontal lines and a red mark (usually dot) on the center line. The lines are made with the sacred ash…
Cán (Traditional)
Chinese character representing 'Cán', which translates as 'Silkworm'.
Glass of Milk (Samsung One UI 1.5)
Teacup Without Handle (Samsung One UI 1.5)
1 (basic Telugu script)
4 (basic Telugu script)
Weight watchers
Lúthien Heraldic Device I
Heraldic device of Lúthien, a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.
Lúthien Heraldic Device II
Heraldic device of Lúthien, a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.