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FIFA World Cup Brazil Emblem
From the second it starts until its final dramatic moments, each FIFA World Cup™ is encapsulated by its own specific identity, a unique image that is projected around the world.
Oil (alternate #5)
An symbol used in 17th century alchemy to designate oil.
Even if they’ve never seen one in person, most people have probably come across bears, whether through movies, nature documentaries, children's characters or even stuffed animals. In any case, the hu…
Opal is one of the “oddballs” of the gemstone family. Composed primarily of hardened silica, its water content is much higher than most crystalline gems (around 10% of the total mass of many specimen…
Like many gemstones, carnelian possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.
House Dalt
The sigil of House Dalt from Game of Thrones.
Distillation (alternate #3)
In 18th century chemistry, this sign indicated the process of distillation.
Distillation (alternate #1)
An alchemical symbol indicating the process of distillation.
Distillation (alternate #2)
An alchemical symbol indicating the process of distillation.
Lead (alternate #4)
In alchemy, lead is most commonly represented by the astrological sign for the planet Saturn (for full details, see the symbol for 'Lead'), but this symbol serves the same purpose.
Tartar (alternate #2)
An alchemical sign for tartaric acid salts.
Juicy, sweet and a perfect messy handful, mangoes have been cultivated by humans for thousands of years. They have been a culinary staple in everything from spicy condiments to sweet pastries to alco…
A stylized image of a lyre, a stringed musical instrument strongly associated with several characters and stories in Greek mythology.
When it comes to symbolic meaning, the boar can be distinctly different from the “pig”, so this article will only address the former. While there are some general connotations to the boar that are fa…
Staff of Adad
Possibly representing stylized bolts of lightning, this symbol was associated with Adad, the Babylonian storm god.
Haute-Garonne #1
A symbol discovered on the wall of the Marsoulas cave in Haute-Garonne, southwestern France. No contextual information is known at this time.
Kville #2
Resembling a stylized sun, this rock carving was found in the vicinity of Kville, a town in the Bohuslän area of Sweden. No major contextual information is known at this time.
Zinc (alternate #2)
An alchemical symbol for the metal zinc.
Zinc oxide (alchemy)
A symbol used to indicate zinc oxide in chemical practices of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Vinegar (alternate #4)
One of several symbols used in alchemy to denote vinegar.
Gilded silver (alchemy)
An 18th century symbol representing gilded silver, or argentum auratum.
Apple Symbol ()
The Apple logo, which can be accessed by pressing option-shift-K on a Mac.
Distillation (alternate #4)
An alchemical symbol indicating the process of distillation.
Nice people
A French hobo sign indicating that nice people live here.
When it comes to natural phenomena, there are few things more intangible (for lack of a better term) than rainbows: you can’t pick them up in your hand like a rock; you can’t hear them like a thunder…


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