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Emoji are ideograms used in various types of electronic messages, as well as the wider world of computers. Unlike emoticons, which are typically composed of punctuation marks and other characters found on a keyboard, emoji are specifically designed images with little or no ambiguity in their meaning.

Emoji come in many different genres - including facial expressions, common objects, locations, natural phenomena such as weather, and various types of animals - though the exact design of emoji may vary significantly, depending on the type of computer or software operating system.

Symbols in this category:

British Virgin Islands (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for British Virgin Islands

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Curly Loop

A curled loop, which is shown in black on most platforms. Displayed as a blue ribbon on Samsung devices.

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French Southern Territories (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for the French Southern Territories

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letter aksara A

Ini adalah huruf A dari aksara sunda

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letter aksara B

Ini adalah huruf B dari aksara sunda

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letter C

Ini adalah huruf C dari aksara sunda

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St. Vincent & Grenadines (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for St. Vincent & Grenadines

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U.S. Outlying Islands (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for U.S. Outlying Islands

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U.S. Virgin Islands (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for U.S. Virgin Islands

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United States (Apple iOS 10.3)

Flag for the United States

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